Visual Arts

Featured Classes of the Week: Canvas Painting & Jr. Chefs

This week almost all of our enrichment classes ran! We are close to getting a full week of school in and all enrichment classes! There are two classes that are featured this week; Canvas Painting and Jr. Chefs. 

Canvas Painting: Students started off the class by drawing a person and the umbrella at the bottom of the canvas working individually. After that was complete they covered the person with tape to be able to use there imagination in creating rain in the next step. All students picked colors using visualization of how the rain would turn out. Each students masterpiece was unique and different in their own way! 


Jr. Chefs: Students this week worked on making a salad from scratch! They used many produce products to create the best salad possible such as; head of lettuce, large carrots, large cucumber, large red and yellow peppers. Each student got a chance to cut the peppers using precise cutting skills.